Stretched, not strained.
Energised, not exhausted.

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Yoga is an offering to the divine shrine within, a revelation of our completeness, a reminder that any inadequacy is imagined, a pathway to compassion, a full-body expression of aliveness that makes us more earthly, more embodied, more present, and most of all, more human, just in a very different way.

By cultivating a deeper quality of attention through yoga and meditation practice, our whole life becomes an alter.

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Awakening our senses and activating our mind in our body, all the while soothing our nervous system so that we may be more optimally functioning beings. This is the gift of our practice. It promises to prune our mind of the unhelpful so that we may taste, touch, see and savour our life experience more clearly, fully and wholeheartedly. Our life expands as our sense of presence becomes fine-tuned.

My hope is that yoga and meditation enhance your life by enriching your connection to the deepest, truest self. That it returns you to a state of being that is gathered, loving, joyous and open.

We surely transform the world when we transform our inner selves.

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Current offerings of weekly yoga classes are at below times and locations:

Monday 6am Vinyasa Flow - Living Flow Yoga, Ashfield

Thursday 4.30pm Restorative Yin - Living Flow Yoga, Ashfield

Thursday 7pm Vinyasa and Meditation - YogaBar, Five Dock

Class bookings via respective studios or through MindBody app