erin jane dooley

Practice and all is coming.
— Sri K. Patthabi Jois

I believe in yoga as a tool to invoke certain states of being, to be able to consciously create the energy container we occupy and how we then move out into and through the world, and the world through us.

Historically, my own personal practice was a reactionary one. Life “took me” away from and back to the mat over and over again, quite often desperately, dramatically and tearfully.

Presently, daily practice is a non-negotiable, and from this place of deep commitment has arisen an inner freedom that continually reminds me with gentle urgency that the practice works, the body knows, movement is medicine and meditation is the ultimate medication.

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I am a 500HR registered hatha yoga teacher, 50HR registered meditation teacher and 50HR registered yin yoga teacher. I have been offering my understandings of these lineages since 2015 and have taught over 700 classes.   

With great respect and humility I treat my role as a custodian of such potent, powerful and sacred philosophies. I am forever honoured to be sharing the teachings that so deeply healed and transformed my own inner and outer life.

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